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Paver Cleaning & Maintenance

Paver Cleaning & Maintenance, Tucson, AZ

Pavers have become a sought-after choice for enhancing outdoor living spaces, combining durability and aesthetic appeal. These versatile hardscaping elements offer various styles, colors, and textures, allowing homeowners and businesses to create stunning patios, walkways, poolsides, and driveways that complement their properties' architecture and landscaping. While pavers are renowned for their hardiness and resilience, they are continually exposed to the harsh elements of nature, including the scorching sun, heavy rainfall, and temperature fluctuations. Over time, these environmental factors can take a toll on the pavers, causing fading, staining, and potential structural damage. Proper cleaning and maintenance are therefore crucial to preserve the pavers' pristine condition, enhance their longevity, and ensure they continue contributing to the beauty and value of your outdoor spaces.

At Oakswood Turf & Hardscape, we are a leading company in the hardscaping industry. We provide top-quality paver cleaning and maintenance services to residential and commercial clients in Tucson, AZ, and the surrounding areas. Our over 50 years of combined experience enable us to provide high-quality, targeted services to our clients.

Paver Power-Wash

Over time, dirt, stains, and grime can accumulate on paved surfaces, diminishing their appearance and potentially leading to further damage if left unchecked. Our professional paver power-washing service is designed to restore your pavers to vibrant colors and pristine condition.

Using state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, our skilled technicians meticulously remove embedded dirt, mold, mildew, and other contaminants from the surface and joints of your pavers. We adjust the water pressure and cleaning agents according to the specific paver material, ensuring a thorough cleaning without causing any damage.

Paver Seal

In addition to regular cleaning, sealing your pavers is crucial for protecting them against the harsh effects of the sun, rain, and other environmental factors. Our paver sealing service creates a protective barrier that enhances the durability and longevity of your pavers while preserving their natural beauty.

We use high-quality sealants formulated explicitly for different paver materials, such as concrete, clay, or natural stone. These products protect your pavers from fading, staining, and moisture damage and make them easier to clean and maintain in the future.

Paver Cleaning and Sealing Schedule

At Oakwood Turf & Hardscape, we understand that different paver materials require specialized cleaning and sealing techniques. Our team of professionals has extensive knowledge and experience in handling various types of pavers, ensuring the best possible results for your outdoor living spaces.

The recommended cleaning and sealing schedule for pavers largely depends on their condition, material, and exposure to various elements. Generally, getting professional paver cleaning at least once annually is advisable, especially in high-traffic areas or heavily soiled surfaces potentially requiring more frequent cleaning. The sealing process should be undertaken every two to three years or sooner if you notice signs of wear, fading, or staining.

However, paver materials like natural stone or clay may require more frequent sealing because they are porous. Additionally, factors like harsh weather conditions, heavy foot traffic, and the presence of trees or vegetation can impact the maintenance needs, necessitating more frequent cleaning and sealing to maintain the pavers' optimal appearance and performance.

If your paved areas look dull, dated or need revitalization, we can help. Our paver cleaning and maintenance services will restore your paved surfaces' vibrant colors and pristine condition, enhancing your property's overall appearance and value.

You can speak with the Oakswood Turf & Hardscape team at (520) 912-7339 or (520) 658-9840. Alternatively, email us using this Contact Us form, and we will respond soon to help with the details you need.

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